Basic Features Overview

Website Content Management

We made our website editor super simple and easy to use. If you can type a letter, you can edit your website! No more calling the I.T. department to publish a simple update.

Create any kind of content

Creating pages, blogs, forums, stores, products, menus and other kinds of content has never been easier. We let you create and share an unlimited amount of content and products in a simple, point and click interface. Empower any employee to update your company website. No special programming languages are required to make an update.

Make quick changes to your website

With Spitfire, it's easy to edit your website. Just click on the areas you want to edit and change them. The changes will take effect immediately. You can change text, images, fonts, and even HTML code if you want.

Customizable look and feel

No more cookie-cutter layouts! Stand out from your competition with a custom design. We'll customize Spitfire to meet the needs of your business. Just contact us to get the project started.

Spitfire is search engine friendly

Not only will your customers be able to find your business on Google, Yahoo! and Live, but Spitfire automatically sends updates to all the major search engines every time you update content or add a product to your store. The latest version of your website will always appear in the search results.

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Make Money by selling your products and services online. Sell any type of product, even downloadable products like eBooks, whitepapers and MP3s. Spitfire automatically manages inventory, calculates shipping, taxes and collects the payments.

Full featured E-Commerce

Unlimited product and service listings, inventory management, order and purchase management, affiliate marketing campaigns and sophisticated financial reporting. These are just a few of the tools that will help you sell more while doing less.

Limitless customization

Need a special checkout procedure for your store? You'll never have to worry about getting what you want. We've made sure to make the system flexible to meet your needs and can endlessly customize it.

All sales are integrated into the CRM

Spitfire links every sale or inquiry to a customer record in it's built in database. This allows you to track your customers' behavior and offer bonuses, coupons and sales based on a unique customer profile. You'll gain a better understanding of your customers' behavior and buying habits.

The Spitfire store is search engine friendly

Spitfire will automatically alert all the major search engines when you add a new product. Your most up to date product information will always appear in the search results.

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Customer Database - CRM

Every action taken by your customer gets recorded in your customer database. Visits, comments, purchases, referrals, inquiries, responses to email marketing and more. You'll get detailed insight into how your customers interact with your site.

Build stronger relationships with your customers

Knowing exactly what your customers are doing on your site will allow you to provide better personalized service. Your competition is constantly trying to steal your customers away. Spitfire helps ensure their loyalty by providing exceptional, personalized customer service while keeping your competitors in the dark.

Generate leads and respond to inquiries in less time

You'll have the ability to collect leads from multiple websites, and your sales force will be notified the instant a prospect wants to do business. Spitfire will automatically forward leads and inquiries to the correct people or departments within your organization.

Customer & employee only areas

Make certain areas of your site off-limits to everyone except for your customers or employees. Create areas where your customers can update their accounts, view personalized information and more.

Automatically grow your customer database

Every time someone signs up for your newsletter, places an inquiry, sends an email or makes a purchase a customer record is automatically created and tracked in the database. Literally grow your customer base while you sleep!

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool to engage customers and bring them back to your website. Spitfire's built in email marketing feature lets you create unlimited mailing lists for better targeting and results.

Send an unlimited number of email newsletters

Spitfire lets you send as many emails as you need to keep in touch with your customers and market to prospects. Spitfire is built to ensure that your email marketing messages go straight to your customers' inbox and not their spam folder.

Drive repeat sales

Sell more by keeping your customers up to date with email notifications about your latest products and offerings. Send email coupons and customer loyalty programs straight to their inbox, then track the success of your campaign with the built-in marketing analytics.

Build highly targeted lists

Create targeted lists from your customer database based on past purchase, behavior and a diverse set of metrics. You can also hand pick recipients to receive email marketing campaigns.

Advanced behavior tracking and reporting

When your customers receive your email, Spitfire tracks what they do with it, what they click on, calculates if the action resulted in a sale and automatically prepares a full report so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. No other email marketing software can give you that kind of intelligence.

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Business Intelligence

Knowledge is Power. That's why Spitfire gives you powerful reporting functions and intelligence tools for every aspect of your business. We give you the intelligence you need to make intelligent business decisions.

Powerful analytics software built right in

Many analytics packages require you to add complex tracking codes to each page of your website, your contact forms and your shopping cart. No more! Spitfire gives you powerful analytics and reporting functionality right out of the box!

Boost your profits

Spitfire automatically lets you know the most popular sections of your website, your best selling products, the losses and gains from your marketing campaigns and more. Everything you need to know to tweak your performance and beef up your profits is right at your fingertips.

Generate custom reports

Spitfire lets you slice, dice and drill down into your data any way you need to. You can also export data for further analysis in your favorite spreadsheet program.

Advanced behavior tracking and reporting

Spitfire tracks the actions of your customers: where they go, what they click on etc, and automatically prepares a full report so you can measure the effectiveness of your website marketing. Much better than the standard "page view" reports that you get with other analytic software.

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Other Features

Spitfire gives you all the essential software you need to run a successful business on the Internet. Have a look at the full features page for an overview of all the tools we offer your business.

Search engine friendly

Everything on your site can be automatically fed to Google, Yahoo! and Live search engines for maximum exposure in the search results. Contact us to learn how we can make your business appear in the right search engine results.

Powerful administrative tools

Allow any number of employees to administer your website. The system will automatically keep track of who logged in and who changed what. You're in control with Spitfire.

Automate workflows

Any action taken on the site can trigger a workflow. For example, a purchase can trigger a notification to your warehouse that they need to pull the item. Then after the warehouse marks their workflow as complete, the system notifies your shipping department that the package is ready for shipping and so on. Workflows can be set to trigger notifications and escalate to supervisors if left uncompleted.

Software integration

Need to share the data from your Spitfire database with an application on your office server? No problem. Spitfire brings full 3rd party integration to the table. Just let us know your requirements and we'll handle the rest.

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Services We Offer

Build a successful online business with our web development and marketing services.
Just get in touch and let us know what you need.

Web design

Web design is more than just creating pretty graphics. It's about designing an interface that lets your customers complete the objectives you set for them on your site, such as buying a product or signing up for an email newsletter. All of our interaction designers have at least 10 years experience in designing website and application interfaces.

We will analyze your competition

You need to know what your competitors are up to. We can provide you with extensive intelligence on the techniques and technologies your competition is currently using and create a strategy to beat them.

Search engine optimization

Hoping to get clicks on Google? Looking to be looked up on Yahoo!? Your business should be right in front of your customer's eyeballs when they are searching for solutions. Ask us how we can get your business into the relevant search results so your customers can easily find you.

Online marketing and content creation

After your customers find your site on a search engine, what will they see when they click through? Using your requirements, we will perform the necessary research to create unique and compelling content for your site that will help transform those visitors into customers.

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